How did I become interested in something like this?

While a child, my grandmother sought to encourage me in reading the Bible.  She offered me a nickel for every verse I memorized.  I wasn’t much older when Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. marched into Montgomery Alabama, where I was living at the time, to set his people free.  That phrase ignited in me a passion to know what Pharaoh set Joseph, the son of Jacob (Israel), free.  Because we were living there on Gunter AFB and dad was the highest-ranking Non-Commissioned officer, we attended church like never before.  So on fire, I was to know who that Pharaoh was; my Sunday school on base almost kicked me out for asking questions about him.

This passion set me on a course of learning about ancient Egypt.  My grandmother encouraged it by sending me some of the best books on it available at the time.  I have never actually stopped wanting to know more and as I learned more.  The easier it became for me to see conflicts between real archaeological discoveries and the bible chronology every Judeo-Christian believer and many non-believers know.  Once, I was able to laugh at the Iron Age chronology and the resulting confusion.  I had a choice give up my lifelong passion of finding that Pharaoh or looking elsewhere in time.  Archaeology determined my fate; it started releasing modern finds of the Bronze Age Middle East.  Again, that Bible knowledge first planted by my grandmother Susan helped me to see what was overlooked.  Abram Back in Time is the fruit.

It is my hope you will enjoy the Bronze Age even if you care not about the Bible and its people.  I hope those that do care, care more for the truth.  Than traditional understanding of a very ancient time and humanities growing-up culture.


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