Really Old Stuff Means What?

Cities, Pyramids, and Ziggurats are old everyone knows this but just how old? Does the ancientness of these buildings and cities affect our understanding of Bible Chronology? They should and here is where you can read about it.


The Biblical Abraham of Ur of Chaldea

Only in 17th Century European Minds and in those still being mislead by them!

New Post in Shaking the Ground of Bible Chronology on the real history of Ur of Chaldea.  It is older than we think, but getting rid of that old traditional chronology is important for understanding.

Ancient Egypt and Noah’s Ark!

Do you know Ancient Egypt has no post-creation flood in its huge historical storybook of mythology?

I bet you didn’t.

This lack, offers real problems for those that demand a worldwide Noah Flood. With this in mind, I posted about Noah’s ark today; how ABiT deals with the issue of not just Egypt’s lack of support but of Noah period!  It is a Series 2 page and the link to it is Series 2 It’s Older than We Think.  See the Right hand side bar and click or simply click on the blue wording Noah’s ark above.  It includes beautiful pictures from Don’s Maps a website I have visited often since joining the Internet years ago.


If you visit, you even get to experience some of the history of early wine manufacturing.  Because Noah and his wine are as much from the Bible, as is his surviving a world flood!  That does not include Ancient Egypt!







What is ABiT bi…


What is ABiT bible chronology?

It is Abram (Abraham) Back in Time © 2000-2008, a Bronze Age chronology based on the Bible and modern discoveries of archaeology holding true to orthodox Egyptian and Middle East chronology .  Traditional chronology attempts to fit history into an assumed Iron Age frame it has no problem cutting, slicing, or even dicing Bible verses to achieve its purpose.  Conversely, fitting the Bible into Bronze Age history works and when compiled together produces a coherent traceable biblical history without the fancy knives.  Since, it is based on scripture and archaeological-historical fact not modern scholarship academic opinions, theological or doctrinal truths.  ABiT delivers a chronology that is remarkable in its scope.

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